A Buyer's Guide To Golf Carts

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There are many reasons you might want to buy a golf cart, but there is a lot more diversity available than one might initially assume. To help you out in your shopping experience, here is a list of things to pay close attention to:

Electric vs. Gasoline

First, you're going to want to figure out what type of fuel you are more comfortable with. Gasoline and electric golf carts each have their own advantages and disadvantages,

If you want to use gasoline, then your golf cart will be able to go farther on a single tank of gas than you would on a single charge of an electric cart battery. A gasoline-powered golf cart is basically just a small car, so all you need is a place to store it and a bit of gasoline. Buying some gasoline at the pump is a lot cheaper than installing an electric charging station.

On the other hand, you might save some money in the long term if you buy an electric golf cart and use it frequently. While a single charge of an electric golf cart battery won't go as far as a tank of gas, electricity is a lot cheaper than gasoline. However, you will need to set up a charging station for easy access, which is both a high upfront cost and requires a fair amount of space and labor to get set up.

Once you've decided whether you want an electric- or gasoline-powered golf cart, you will then need to decide about the different accessories that are available to you. Most golf carts are initially very plain and unadorned, so these are basically all aftermarket parts.

Localized Climate Control

Depending on your climate, you might want to opt for some form of localized climate control for your golf cart. Air conditioners and small heaters are both common, but they can be somewhat bulky. On the other hand, you are probably going to want rain curtains if there is any chance of being out in the rain. Golf carts are almost always lacking windows, so it's critical, for both safety and comfort, that you have some protection if there is a sudden downpour.


There are some other handy devices which you can get to make your golf cart more useful, such as a portable battery charger for an electric golf cart, a modified suspension for maneuvering through uneven terrain, or even a radio for communication and entertainment. Talk with a golf cart dealer, like George Stark Golf Cars, for more helpful information about what cart is best for you. 


18 March 2015

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