Staying Safe When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

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If you have had a mishap where your vehicle cannot be driven safely on the road, and you are located somewhere that you are not familiar with, you will want to take steps to keep yourself safe while awaiting help. Here are some safety tips you can use while your vehicle is out of commission.

Alert Authorities

If you have a cell phone available, call 911 to let authorities know that you have a problem with your vehicle that is causing you to need to leave it on the side of the road until help can be obtained. You may have a police officer come to the scene to sit with you while waiting for help.

They may be able to direct other traffic around your vehicle if it is not in a safe spot or they may use flares or cones to alert other oncoming traffic to slow down as they pass your vehicle.

Call A Towing Service

You will want to remove your vehicle from the area as soon as you possibly can so you can get it repaired and to avoid any type of accident from it being in the way. A tow truck operator will come to the scene, and they will first attempt to help you get your vehicle running if it is an easy fix, such as a flat tire or if you had run out of gas.

If you have sustained damage from an accident or if the vehicle cannot be moved easily, the towing company will haul your vehicle away to the garage of your choice or to your home if you would rather. 

Stay Out Of The Way

If your vehicle is out of the way of oncoming traffic, turn on your four-way blinkers to alert people that the vehicle is out of commission and so it is noticed and not hit. If your vehicle is too close to traffic, put on your four-way blinkers and get out of the vehicle.

Move as far way from the side of the road as you can so you do not get hit. If there are any places of business nearby, stay in a well-light area in front of one of them so you will be able to see the tow truck or police when they arrive.

Keep Your Phone Handy

When waiting for help in a strange place, let anyone that stops to try to lend a hand know that police have been alerted and that they will be there any second. While most people are trying to be nice and are genuinely wanting to help, you cannot be too careful in dealing with strangers. They may be preying on someone who is desperate and they can rob you or hurt you in an attempt to steal while you are vulnerable.

Keep your window cracked and your door locked if you are in your vehicle. If you are waiting on the side of the road, keep your hand on the phone so you can make a quick call to authorities, if needed. You can pretend to be on the phone with police when someone drives up, if you are feeling nervous.

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18 March 2015

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