How To Tell If Yourtruck's Drive Shaft Needs Repair

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If you are new at driving a heavy-duty truck, you most likely will spend many hours on the road making hauls. During this time, you will become in tune with how your vehicle handles while on the road, making it pretty easy to recognize when something just doesn't feel quite right. New truck drivers need to familiarize themselves with the different parts of their truck so they will know how to respond if something starts to deteriorate. Since you are hauling large amounts of weight, one part of your truck that is prone to breaking is the drive shaft. Here are a few signs that will help you determine that your drive shaft is in need of repair.

Weight Is The Reason

To help keep your drive shaft from breaking, make sure to keep your vehicle's haul in check. The drive shaft is what allows your truck to shift from idle to drive quickly as you try to gain speed on the open road. If you have too much weight aboard, it puts too much of a strain on the drive shaft, making it overwork to get your vehicle running at the right speed. Read your vehicle specifications and keep the weight below the recommended hauling amount to keep your drive working properly.

Listen And Feel

As you become more in tune with how your truck runs, you will easily notice if it feels differently as you drive it. If you notice any new vibrations as you accelerate, this is a sign that your drive shaft may need to be evaluated. When a drive shaft starts to deteriorate, it will emit a low squeal during the start of acceleration. This will become louder and louder each time you start driving your vehicle. To avoid a lengthy repair, bring your vehicle to a repair shop at the first signs of squealing or vibrating.

Trouble Steering

Another tell-tale sign that your drive shaft may be in trouble is if you notice a difference in the way your vehicle steers. If your truck feels as if it is holding back as you make a sharp turn, the drive shaft may be to blame. This may be a very slight difference from the normal feel as you steer. If you feel a hesitation, even slight, bring your vehicle to a repair shop to have the drive shaft assessed. Another sign of an impending drive shaft repair is if your bearing cap seals have areas with rusting. For more information about these and other repairs, contact a professional like King George Truck & Tire Center 


22 June 2015

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