3 Things You Should Know About Tires

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Tires aren't usually something that car owners think about too much. There are all kinds of other car parts that seem to take precedence, such as the battery, radiator, air conditioning, or even windshield wipers. But when you stop to realize that the entire car is riding on the tires at high speeds, it makes sense that all drivers should better understand tires. Here are things you should know about tires.

1. The tire sizes indicate important information.

Tires come in different sizes just like sneakers come in different sizes. A sample tire size comes in a formation like this: 235/60 R16. The first number equals the width of the tire in millimeters. The second number is the aspect ratio of the height of the tire compared to its width. The letter refers to the construction style of the tire, and the last number is the diameter of the tire. This information is written on the side of every tire so that you will always know what size tire to buy for replacement.

2. Every tire has a serial number.

Tires come with serial numbers just like cars come with vehicle identification numbers. The tire serial number is called a TIN. Just by reading a TIN, a person can tell what plant the tire was made in, what size or style the tire is, and the year and week the tire was made. this information is will help you if you find out that certain tires have been recalled and you need to see if your tires are in that batch.

3. Winter or snow tires are very different than other tires.

Tires are made to handle different surface conditions just like the shoes are made to handle different activities. Snow tires are manufactured with thicker treads to better handle driving in deep snow. But the biggest difference between snow tires and other tires is the material itself. A special compound is added to the manufacturing process that keeps snow tire rubber from hardening in temperatures below 45 degrees. While other tire rubbers get hard in these colder temperatures, snow tire rubber remains pliable and flexible. This quality equates to markedly improved traction on snowy and icy surface conditions.

For better safety when driving, these three things will help you to understand your tires better. Paying attention to your tires is just as important as paying attention to the road. For more information, contact companies like Euro-Tire.


12 December 2016

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