Moving With A Vehicle With A Cerificate Of Non-Operation

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Moving across the region is difficult enough. Moving states with a car that is non-operational is even more difficult. If your car is not currently operational and you have a certificate of non-operation, you will not be able to drive your car to the new state. A certificate of non-operation means that you do not need to hold the standard insurance. It also means that the car is not allowed to be driven at any point. Here are the steps to moving a car that has a certificate of non-operation across state lines. 

Determine the worth of the car versus the transport cost

The best way to move a car is through a vehicle transport service. A transport service can stack your car on a truck and move the car this way. The car would not need a certificate of operation as long as it is picked up from its parking place and does not operate alone on the road. Before you book the transport service, figure out what the price of the car is. If the car is worth less than the transport, it may be best to sell or scrap the car before you move.

Find a permanent parking space

Depending on where you move, you may need to find a place to park your car. If you are moving to an apartment complex, you may need to ask for special permission to park a non-operable car. If you are moving into a house, you may need to find a place where you can cover and keep the car so that it will not be in the way. Be sure that the car is not kept on the street, as it can be taken by the city if it is in the way or improperly blocking other vehicles from movement at any point. 

Transfer the registration

Once you get to your new state, you should sit the vehicle in its permanent parking spot. You will be required to register your vehicle in your new state with your address. Be sure that you register the vehicle and get a certificate of non-operation in your brand new state. In many states, you may be required to turn in your license plates if you are not operating the vehicle. Keep the certificate of non-operation inside of your vehicle as proof in the event that you are requested to prove the status of your vehicle. 

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12 December 2016

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