The Truth Behind Common Myths About Hybrid Cars

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A hybrid car is one that uses both electric car and traditional gasoline car technology. It is generally more fuel efficient, better for the environment, and usually less expensive to run. You are likely to pay more for a hybrid model, but you'll save some money on fuel costs. In addition, you can drive a hybrid car when the electric motor runs out of charge, but you can't drive it if you run out of gas. If you are relying heavily on the electric motor, it may need some driving time in order to recharge again, using the combustion engine as the power source.

You Have to Plug In Your Hybrid Car

This is a myth that is simply not true. While you have to plug in cars that are 100% electric, the technology of a hybrid car is different. The car contains both an electric motor and a combustion engine. When the charge of the electric motor gets low, the car begins relying on the combustion engine instead. The electric motor recharges as you drive the vehicle, taking power from the combustion engine. To charge your electric motor more quickly, you may be able to plug in the hybrid car, depending on the type you own.

You Can Run Out of Gas and Still Drive

The electric motor on your hybrid car does not run your car on its own. If you run out of gas, some models shut down the car completely to avoid ruining the electric motor. You may be able to drive a few miles on the electric motor, but this is unlikely. You need to make sure that your hybrid always has enough gas to get you where you want to go. In the reverse, if your electric motor runs out of power, your car will run on gas, just like a traditional vehicle.

Hybrid Cars Are Way More Fuel Efficient

You may hear that hybrid cars get double or triple the gas mileage of traditional combustion engines. This is simply not true. For a Honda Civic hybrid, you may see 44 miles per gallon, as opposed to 35 miles per gallon for a Honda Civic that's not a hybrid. There are some savings, just not as much as you might expect.

If you are considering a hybrid car, one of the biggest benefits is that it is better for the environment because it produces fewer emissions. If your hybrid is ever in need of repairs, contact a shop like Jones Automotive that specializes in hybrid repair.


15 December 2016

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