It's Vehicle Shopping Season: Are You Ready For It?


Late fall, early, and mid-winter are the times when new cars, like new Nissans, come into the dealerships. Dozens of cars are purchased as holiday gifts for those that can afford it, while the rest of the population waits until tax time in January, February, and March to get their early tax refunds to buy a new car. If you are thinking about buying any new vehicle from a dealership like Western Avenue Nissan, make sure you are ready to do so. Here are your new car purchase-readiness tips.

Check Your Credit Scores

It is the first of the new year, the perfect time to check your credit scores. Free credit reports from all three reporting bureaus is your annual right, and since the new year has just turned over you can check your reports again, even if you just checked them in the last quarter of last year. If you want to know if you can get the financing for a new vehicle, get your current credit scores first. That is the first thing the dealerships will look at anyway.

Have Ten Percent Down

Just like buying a house, it is important to have some money to put down. If your credit scores are not so hot, the downpayment becomes even more important to secure your new vehicle. Three to five thousand is a good ballpark figure, and you should have that in your checking account before you even go looking for your new vehicle. The more you have to put down, the better, regardless of the car's final purchase price.

Decide Ahead of Time If You Are Leasing or Buying

Leasing your new vehicle definitely has its perks, like not worrying about the cost of repairs or maintenance. Yet, if you own your vehicle (even on an installment payment plan) you do not have to worry about interior damages that the kids or dogs do. That is is why it is so important to figure out ahead of time if you are going to buy your new vehicle or lease it.

Stick to Your Guns and Bargain Like a Madman

Even with new vehicles, dealerships have a lot of leeway on price. People make the mistake of thinking that just because a car is new, they cannot haggle with the dealer. Wrong. Stick to your guns and bargain like a madman. If the dealer won't budge on the price, there are always competitors who will.


9 January 2017

Finding A Great New Car

About six months ago, I could tell that our car was really starting to have some problems. It was always acting up, it never seemed to run well, and I was always worried about it not starting up when it needed to. One day, I got stranded on the side of the road when I was on my way to work, and I realized that I needed to find a new car immediately. I took the day off to look for a new car, and I learned a lot about automotive shopping during the process. Check out this blog for more information about finding a great car.