It's Vehicle Shopping Season: Are You Ready For It?


Late fall, early, and mid-winter are the times when new cars, like new Nissans, come into the dealerships. Dozens of cars are purchased as holiday gifts for those that can afford it, while the rest of the population waits until tax time in January, February, and March to get their early tax refunds to buy a new car. If you are thinking about buying any new vehicle from a dealership like Western Avenue Nissan, make sure you are ready to do so.

9 January 2017

Don't Get Stranded This Holiday Season - Mobile Auto Repair Services You Can Depend On


Most drivers have been through it once or twice. You make plans to go out of town and visit friends or relatives for the holidays, taking care to have your car properly serviced so that you feel safe making a long drive. Along the way, something as small as a pebble can be kicked up by a large truck driving in front of you, causing your windshield to be cracked. Instead of cancelling your plans to spend the holidays with loved ones, you should look into mobile auto repair services.

12 December 2016

3 Helpful Tips for Getting the Most from Your Tires, Wheels, and Suspension


So much of the safety and performance of your automobile relies on the set of tires and wheels that the car rides on, along with the entire suspension system that keeps it all together. When you focus on these parts and systems, your vehicle will be better able to navigate, and you will be safer every time you take to the road. To handle some of these important pieces of maintenance, put these helpful guidelines to good use.

23 November 2016